Organic Oatmeal

I'm not big on oats until recently after I had a free sample at Costco and bought a box of it. It's delicious! pretty quick and easy to make. Now, I'm eating it almost every day. It is USDA certified organic, whole grain, low sodium, with 4 wonderful flavors. Apple cinnamon, optimum blueberry, flax plus, and maple nut. I don't care for maple nut though, I just don't like the nuts on it, but my husband says he'll take care of it. My favorite is the apple cinnamon, because of the apple bits on it.

It was pretty warm here today and we've use the AC in the car for the very first time this year.  

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  1. I've gotten hooked on oatmeal in the last year, too! It is great to start off the day feeling like you are making a wise decision for healthy food. I call it my bowl full of "virtue."

    1. I like that "bowl full of virtue" I do like eating my oatmeal at night, it does help me a lot, I now rarely crave for midnight snack.

  2. I am actually the opposite. I never buy the flavoured kind-just the quaker oats and I don't use water to mix but milk

    1. I think that's why I started liking them because of the good flavor. we do have some plane oatmeal too which I've use it to make pancake. Kale oatmeal pancake. It really good and healthy.


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