Tulips in Skagit Valley

My family and I, once again, had the opportunity to visit Mt. Vernon and La Conner this spring to see the beautiful and colorful fields of Tulips and Daffodils. The tulips are like rainbows on the ground, so amazingly vibrant and layered in multi colors. The wow was the word of the day when we drove through there. Although there are other tourist spots to see, we were only able to visit the Tulip Town. The $5 entrance fee was will worth it. Walking through their fields, we got our dose of colors for the day.

Here is a short video of my little cowboy in Tulip Town. I hope you enjoy watching as I had fun putting it together.

Another good video of Tulip Town in Skagit Valley, includes in this video are the names of bulbs that they have for sale.

It's wet here today.
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