Spectacular Dantes View

It was well worth a long drive (a lonely road) to Dantes View. This was our last stop on our first day of journey to Death Valley National Park California. It was already 3:30 pm when we left the main road and it took us about 20 minutes to get there. A 13 mile paved road but the last quarter mile is 15% grade. A steep climb up but so beautiful. Vehicles over 25ft or longer are prohibited on this road. Please watch our short video  Road to Dantes View  to see the road.  There were few cars when we arrived at The Dantes View but those people were out exploring around. It wasn't crowded at all in fact we were the only ones there enjoying the 360 degrees of breathtaking view of Death Valley from 5475 ft high above Sea Level.  We didn't stay long because it was windy and cold.  It would have been nice to explore the area but it was also getting late in a day. There was a Bee Hazard caution sign on the road but we didn't even get the change to see any. Maybe it's because we

Xoom Reviews

I have been a Xoom customer for a long time, I believe it was since 2005. Xoom Corporation is a digital money transfer company based in San Francisco. It provides consumer remittance services to Europe, Canada, Australia, Latin America, the Philippines and India. Sending money is fast, easy, secure and so affordable. I can send up to $2999 for only $4.99 to the Philippines with converted to Philippine money with company's exchange rate.  Other option is sending it as US dollar and get what the dollar exchange rate for the day you pick it up. The fees are a little bit high, for every  $1000 the fees are $7.99 but it's worth it if I'm sending more than $500 because most of the time the actual exchange rate are higher than what the company's exchange rate.

When my husband and I was in Philippines for several months, we've use Xoom to send money to us from our bank account here in US while we were over there. We did this because it was way easier and cheaper than going to any ATM. Especially the ATM where we were at was always offline and always ran out of money, and sometimes with a long waiting line outside the bank. Every pull out or every transaction the bank would charged us ridiculous fees and some ATM has a maximum amount per withdraw and that was less than $100 and would charged us $4 or 5 per withdrawals.
We got smart though and used the Xoom instead. I would log into my account, send money to us, and after I click the send button, the money was already available for pick up or deliver to our place. We didn't use the delivery though, since we were so close to the place were we always pick the money up. And besides we don't want to get hang up waiting for someone to show up to deliver. Xoom has several locations for cash pick up in the Philippines. In my small town alone, they have about 9 pickup locations and most of them are open 24/7. This were the two place we'd like to go often MLhuillier  and Cebuana Lhuillier.

Xoom company is so safe and secure to use. One time when my friend asked me to send some money for her, it was a lot and we did it several transactions, the Xoom company hold the money until they've talked to us and made sure that we were really sending it and not somebody else. And one time too, I sent money to my Aunt and I misspelled her name, even though they knew her at the pickup location, she couldn't get the money because her ID didn't match to what I wrote. It was my mistake but cancelling the transaction wasn't hard. I sent the money back and after few minutes she was able to get the money. Therefore, using Xoom is safe both ways.

I don't get paid for writing about this company, I just wanna share my good reviews about them. I just hate knowing that some of my friends send money and pays up to 10% fees. For crying out loud, they are sending money for help most of the time to their love ones!  Back when I first signed up with Xoom, it was a little bit hard. I actually had to wait for sometime, I think it was about a day or two after they verified my account. But now, signing up is as easy as one two three. I can send money anywhere, anytime as along as I have internet connection. And with the Xoom apps, couldn't get it more easier than ever. So all I can say is be Smart and use Xoom!
Ivy grows on trees

Sunset on our way home last night. Taken while the van was moving using my S5

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  1. That's a great topic and the photos are fantastic. I've seen lots of folks struggling with X. ~grin~ My X topic was xeriscaping at http://darlamsands.blogspot.com/ and a flower for the letter Y. Today I am number 1179 on the list, so it looks like lots of participants continue dropping off, unfortunately.

  2. Thank you Darla for stopping by. When I first signed up on A-Z challenge I was in 1600 something but now I'm in 1292. It is indeed a challenge but we did it, one more day and we are done!


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