Ice Cream or Hot Tea

We were at the restaurant and we offered Alan a soft serve ice cream and a hot tea. And the winner was, the hot tea! He tried the ice cream but after he tasted it, he just ignored it. 
I'm so happy because he is not big on sweets. 
I guess it helps a lot that we tried to keep him away from sweets and junk foods on his early age. He was always my tea finisher, and when he's done, he takes my mug back to the kitchen counter.

                                           Here is a short video of my boy in the restaurant
having a tea

My favorite ice cream is strawberry cheesecake with lots of cheesecake chunks. But I am now loving the Tillamook mudslide with chocolate fudge chunk on it (my hubby's ice cream) Yummy yummy in my tummy, there it stay!

It was breezy and rainy here today and I'm feeling sick. I think I'm coming down with colds!
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