I heard that when someone in the family die, that person will tend to reincarnate within the family. I have a limited knowledge about reincarnation but it doesn't matter if I believe or not on it but here is my story.
My husband and I have been married for 13 years before I got pregnant. Once we found out that we are going to have a boy, we thought of a simple name Alan. We got it from my husband little brother, Geoffrey Alan Sims who was born on September 12th and only live for a very short time.
Approximately 49 years later after Geoffrey died,  it was warm and sunny that day. My husband and I went for a walk and when we got home I took a shower and my water broke while I was in the shower. I wasn't due for 6 more weeks. My husband took me to the hospital and I had no choice but to have a C-Section,  water broke and the baby was breach. The doctors couldn't find any reasons why it's too early. Anyway, my baby was born preemie but he was healthy.
The thing was, I didn't know until after I gave birth that my husband little brother was born on the same date September 12th.  What a coincidence, isn't it? Have the same name and born on the same date. I don't know if Reincarnation is real or not but all I know is, I'm happy! This boy is a such wonderful blessing to me and to my family. I couldn't ask for more!

Here is an interesting video In Another Life, Reincarnation In America about research and people who claimed to have reincarnated. 

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