Whatcom Falls Park

Here are some pictures of our little adventure, on a Monday afternoon, at Whatcom Falls Park. This was our first time visit and we didn't know what trails start where or where it ends. We just follow one trail up to the water falls. We've seen 3 different falls, one is bigger the other two were small. Very nice! We followed the trail up until we saw some houses, we asked a couple who were going in to the park and they said the trail ends right there otherwise we have to go though the houses, to the main street and back to the park.  We didn't want to do that so we just turned around and head back were we came from.
It was a very pleasant walk through the park. I love the water, the big tress, and everything in between. It's so green! My little boy had so much fun, walking, running, and climbing up the steps. Given up the chance, he would have love to play in the water. Maybe some other time.

Whatcom Falls Park established in 1908 by the community. It is located at 1401 Electric Avenue, Bellingham, Washington. They are open 6am-10pm daily. These are the Amenities in the park: Barbecue Grills,Fish Hatchery, Fishing Derby Pond, Multipurpose Fields, Outdoor Basketball Court, Picnic Shelters, Picnic Tables, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Restrooms, and Parking lot.


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