Ziploc Bags A Must Have in My Kitchen

Although I have opt out using plastics in my home, Ziploc bags are still a must have in my kitchen. I know we can't be 100% plastic free because plastics are everywhere and can even find it in some close friends.
From storing food to organizing stuff, Ziploc bags are very handy to have. I especially love using them when we go on trips. A bag for all our toothbrushes and toothpaste, a bag for bath stuff, a bag for chargers and cords, a bag for electronics to keep them dry, a bag for diapers, and more extra bags for whatever comes our way. My husband uses Ziploc bags almost everyday for his sandwiches to take for work. Even though I love Ziploc, I only use the bags, I ban using the Ziploc containers, and I don't use the bags for heating food in the microwave.
#Joey Green has 25 good tips on Ziploc bag uses. He also have very good tips of using brand name products besides of what it is intended for. Informative and very good site to visit.

Ziploc bags we currently have in our kitchen

We pass by this house every time we go to town and today I just had to take picture of this beautiful rhododendron. My Samsung S5 cant' do justice. The bright sunlight washes the color of the bush. Still pretty though. Can you spot the chicken?

I am so spoiled with this place. The Irises are blooming and they are simply gorgeous! The flowers are bigger than what I have in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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