Periwinkle Snails

At first I was wondering why do ducks dive down the water and take about a minute or so for them to come back up. I knew there must be something there that they're eating and I didn't know what it was until one day when my family and I went for a walk during low tide. I can't believe how much snails are in there. I believe they are periwinkles but I might be wrong. There is also a lot of empty clam shells.  This place is a feeding grounds for ducks and for some other birds too. But this is also a bald eagle feeding grounds for ducks. Saw them Eagle diving down, catching and flying away with duck on their feet. Just amazing watching them take their prey.
periwinkle snails
Periwinkle Snails
An old tire on the shore loaded with periwinkles
periwinkle snails
Periwinkles are all over this mud flats
Here are some of ducks eating
More ducks
Bald Eagles waiting patiently for their next meal, Duck!

It's another warm and sunny here today..
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