Fruits from Gasmin Farm

I was searching through my old posts and on my drafts I found this picture. These are all organic fruits from our family farm, The Gasmin Farm. Here we have banana "saging", Tordan is the name of this banana. It is the best kind of banana I've ever tasted, sweet and so yummy, I wish we have them here in the US.
Round papaya, ripe perfectly from the tree, it's really good for breakfast. It taste really good and it is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals,  and has special digestive enzymes.
Green guava "bayabas" really good with salt and spicy vinegar. I use to love them, I love climbing the tree and eat them up there everyday back when I was growing up. I don't know but somehow, even just thinking about it, gives me goose bumps. I think it's the crunchiness of the skin when I bite into it. Until now I just can't get over that feeling.
Lanzones are small round or oval fruits that usually grow and hang on the big trunk or branches of the tree. It has a good taste when its ripe but bitter and sour when it's not. The taste is kind of like the combination of grapes and grapefruit. I really like them, I can eat a kilo or two in one setting.
Green mango "mangga", hmm sour, really good to pair it with bagoong (perminted fish or shrimp) with spicy vinegar. I don't know why it's good to pair sour mango and sour vinegar together. would it be because negative + negative = positive? I don't know, I'm not that smart.
Calamansi "kalamansi" small citrus fruits that are pretty sour. It's really good for making juice, but it takes a lot of them just to make a gallon of juice. It is mainly used for cooking, but when it's all ripen out it's good to eat as is, it's not so sour.
I guess that covers up the fruits in this picture.

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