Grapes Eating Boy

This is what happen if I don't take the grapes off the stem. But I usually don't, it's more fun eating this way. Alan now know how not to eat it like this.

Most of the store here, the first thing you'll see as you enter the door is their fruits and vegetables stands. So when we went grocery shopping, the first thing I picked was a bag of grapes. My boy was in the cart and when he saw the grapes he started asking for it. I know it wasn't wash yet but I gave him one anyway, although I did wipe it with paper towel. So as we continue shopping, he kept asking for more, and grandma kept giving him more. I basically had to take the grapes away hid it from him. It's a per pound grapes and we haven't paid for it yet.

Here is a short video on how to wash your grapes to stay longer, pesticide and chemical free

Another pretty day here today
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