Acid Reflux

My husband got admitted to the ER recently due to the pain and discomfort on the upper part of his abdomen. He had been feeling it for about 5 days and started to worry, it might be something life threatening. Blood and urine test came back good. Based on the symptoms and after several hours at the ER, the doctor called it Acid Reflux. He prescribe him Zantac but my husband bought the generic Ranitidine instead and it works just fine. He's feeling a lot better now. He can now eat good and sleep well.

I am now on search for foods and recipes that are good for acid reflux. Coffee and spicy foods were a big part of his diet. But right now he has to avoid them until he feels a way lot better and slowly adding them back to his diet. We have a list of foods to avoid but not a list of what to eat. Any recipes or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!

Here is a computer snapshot of my back yard right now. Such a good day to just seat here and blog.

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