YouTube Channel for My Toddler

Last month I've started a YouTube channel for my toddler with the help of my nephew who is in seven thousand miles away from me. He helped me through messages on Facebook. It was fun! Fairfern is the channel name on YouTube. A combination of 2 places that my boy have live in so far,  Fairbanks and Ferndale.
I've created the channel for my toddler because I want to document and share his special moments, growing stages and his life journey to family, friends, and to who ever want to watch his cute videos. I also want to be able to share and access his videos anywhere and at anytime I want.  I know that kids grow so fast and I don't want to miss any of his. 
Making, editing and uploading his videos helps me learn and grow on how to work with video editing software and YouTube. It's a learning process but I'm getting better and I find it rewarding when I see the finish product. I am just a beginner and have so much more to learn. I hope you guys will check out my little Alan YouTube channel. Thank you!

You're My Favorite Deputy!

This morning: white clouds getting run over by dark clouds
This Afternoon: Blue Sky

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